Broncos Hire Another Former Patriot

The Denver Broncos announced the hire of a new assistant coach Monday, former Patriot linebacker Roman Phifer. It is Phifer's first coaching job in the NFL.
February 9, 2009

"Secrets" Author Understands Need For Change

<P>The Patriots have parted ways with a number of key players and coaches. Some question the strategy of Belichick and Pioli this off-season, implying they've gone too far by releasing a player like Troy Brown and signing a guy with "issues" to replace him. Many wonder if the Patriots are headed in the wrong direction. </P><P>Ken Castro caught up with James Lavin, author of <I>&quot;Management Secrets of the New England Patriots&quot;</I> to get his thoughts on the changes in New England.</P>
April 8, 2005

Patriots Insider Report: Salary Cap Shuffle

<p>The winds of change continue to sweep through Foxboro this offseason. Crennel and Weis have moved on, linebacker Roman Phifer and Ty Law were released, and the health of team leader Tedy Bruschi continues to be a concern. The Patriots will have to address these needs in free agency or the upcoming draft.</p><p>Get inside to see what's happening, and the top 3 needs as the Insiders see them.<b><a href="" target="_blank">Free Trial</a></b
March 1, 2005