The Star of the Show

Kentrell Curry was one of the top-rated safeties in all of college football until he got some bad news in August of last year. While his Georgia Bulldog teammate Sean Jones rose to become a heralded second-round pick, Curry has quietly slipped in under radar and still might become the NFL starter scouts predicted in before last Summer. Barry chronicles Kentrell's journey and talks to him about the misfortune of his highly-drafted teammate and the challenges ahead...
June 24, 2004

Safety in Numbers Falls by One

With the loss of Sean Jones, the Browns find themselves back to where they were before the draft. Rich Swerbinsky takes a look at the Browns situation at safety and offers his thoughts on which players might be able to help the team step up at this important position. Photo: Earl Little (AP)
June 12, 2004

Saturday Mini-Camp Wrap-Up

Mike McLain brings you the wrap-up of today's two practices at mini-camp. Get the latest on Andra Davis' ding, and Kellen Winslow's tussle with a couple of the Browns linebackers...
May 1, 2004

Kentrell Curry Photo Gallery

Photos of the Browns other new safety from Georgia
April 26, 2004

Kentrell Curry Scouting Report

Here is the scoop on the other Georgia safety who joined the Browns this weekend. According to published reports, Curry has signed with the Browns sometime in the last 24 hours...
April 26, 2004