INSIDERS: Releasing Davey Was Inevitable

With the first round of cuts already on the books, the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick felt it necessary to explain his reasoning for releasing long time reserve quarterback Rohan Davey. Davey, a fourth-round draft pick by Belichick in 2002 has never really taken the next step. The team announced his release this morning along with two other veterans RB, Cedric Cobbs and S, Dexter Reid.
August 29, 2005

Patriots Report: The List 8-28-05

In the second of our series of "The List", Patriots Insider Jon Scott shares his thoughts on the team, the players and what to look for as the season progresses. In case you haven't seen the insiders comments, they have been reporting from camp in a regular update series on the PI message boards. We invite you to check out the forums for more thoughts and observations about the team and the players.
August 29, 2005

BREAKING: Patriots Release Three Veterans

The first set of roster cuts have transpired with three veteran players who were deemed to be expendable by the team. With a number of other roster cuts soon to be expected the only mild surprise in this first round is veteran signal caller Rohan Davey.
August 29, 2005

Patriots Camp: Concerns About QBs

Is the New England Patriots' starting quarterback injured? That's the question running through the press at camp. While the team is not elaborating on the missed practice time by #12 they are downplaying the production or lackof by their other quarterbacks.
August 15, 2005

Photo Gallery: Patriots vs Bengals

The New England Patriots defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-13 in their first preseason game at Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati OH. Photo gallery of the game with large images. Players pictured include: Matt Cassel, Corey Dillon, Carson Palmer, Chris Perry, Kory Chapman, Odell Thurman, Rohan Davey, Rudi Johnson and more
August 13, 2005