Fun With Numbers - Cal vs. Southern Mississippi

<p class=txt>After the first quarter, the 33,000 fans who'd come to celebrate True Blue had reason to worry - a blown punt snap resulted in a safety, the Bears had 3 attempts at 2nd-and-goal from the Southern Miss 1-yard line and couldn't score, and the offense had all of 19 yards and the team was trailing 2-0. Three quarters and 34 points later, everything was back to normal in the Land of Tedford.
August 30, 2003

T's Cal Football Preview – 2003 Offense

<p class="txt"> Somewhere, QB Kyle Boller is preparing to be the Baltimore Raven's future quarterback, OG Scott Tercero is preparing to block for Marshall Faulk, WR LaShaun Ward is turning heads at the Kansas City Chiefs fall camp, and RB Joe Igber is working on his career in Engineering. Who will pick up the reins to emerge as the stars of 2003?
August 25, 2003

"Preparation meets Opportunity"

<p class=txt>If one visits the Cal football offices this summer, they will find a large poster of Arrowhead Stadium that includes the signatures of every player on the team. Above the poster, are the words "Preparation meets Opportunity". The signatures are a tangible reminder of the pledge that each player has taken to prepare this summer for the challenge that lies ahead in Kansas City in August.<br>
April 24, 2003

Cross an answer at tight end?

Garrett Cross is a 6-5, 225-pound tight end prospect from Butte College in Oroville, California, and with Kevin Ware graduating after this season there's going to be a need for some experience at tight end and Cross just might fit the bill. It happens to be a very good year for solid TE prospects in the JC ranks.
September 25, 2002