Bill Cowher Press Conference Transcript

<b>BILL COWHER</b> <br><br> OK, just a couple of roster updates. We released Shane Walton this morning and we're in the process of placing Kendall (Simmons) and Zamir Cobb on injured reserve. If it doesn't get done today it'll probably be done tomorrow. Zamir suffered a fractured ankle, had successful surgery yesterday, so he will be done obviously for the year.
August 23, 2004

Cobb catching eyes

<b>LATROBE –</b> Most people in Western Pennsylvania can tell you Pitt's Larry Fitzgerald was one of the two receivers named first-team All-Big East last season. <br><br> But they probably can't tell you who the other receiver was.
August 16, 2004

Good and bad at St. Vincent

Bill Cowher reached deep into his bag of motivational tactics at practice on Wednesday. The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking a little camp weary these days, but certain players continue to shine while others seem immune to Cowher's occasional tirade. Here's list of a few players worth watching, for good reasons and bad, during the slate of preseason games.
August 11, 2004

Notebook: Ross signs with Steelers

<b>LATROBE -</b> The Steelers signed outside linebacker Adrian Ross, 29, to a one-year contract.<br><br> The Steelers made the offer just before camp opened, but Ross waited until Saturday to agree, even though the Cincinnati Bengals had made him a recent contract offer after a run of injuries at the position.
August 8, 2004

Notebook: The Roethlisberger diaries

<b>LATROBE -</b> Ben Roethlisberger couldn't believe his good fortune when, on his first play at St. Vincent College, he saw Plaxico Burress breaking free behind Willie Williams in the corner of the end zone.<br><br> Roethlisberger overthrew him.
August 4, 2004

Wednesday practice report

<b>LATROBE --</b> Ben Roethlisberger practiced for his first time at training camp and the media came out in droves. It's a story you'll see all night and tomorrow morning, particularly since tonight's practice downtown will end too late for new stories. <br><br>I admit I'll be doing such a story, so instead of delving too deeply into Roethlisberger's practice, we'll take more of a play-by-play approach right here and now in the practice report.
August 4, 2004