Rams Report: Zolman and Pochman to visit Rams Park

As reported earlier on the Rams Nation Premium Board. The release of kicker Mike Shafer on Friday and Scott Covington on Monday left the Rams with holes to fill for training camp.
July 21, 2003

Its Official, Akili Smith Hits Unemployment Line

The Bengals made official on Monday what has been expected for the past few days - the Akili Smith era is over in Cincinnati.
June 2, 2003

More signings, details on Scott Covington

The Rams continue their offseason action. Howard keeps us abreast of all the new activity giving us details on the new signings.
February 5, 2003

Rams sign Scott Covington

His start for the Rams in the season finale didn't go as hoped, but that shaky performance by quarterback Scott Covington didn't hurt him either.
February 4, 2003

Rams end the season with rival victory

The ending to a frustrating season finally ended on Monday Night December 30th. <br>In front of a packed house at the Edward Jones Dome in the Gateway City. <br>The Rams stunned themselves by ending the season on a positive note
January 7, 2003

From champs to chumps

"It has been very difficult. You take all of this on yourself. The first place you look is yourself, in terms of not getting it done. That part has been very hard. The other issue that I have to tell you is that when you are on a roll and winning, it is easy to be a head coach and to run the offense. When you are struggling like we have been, the tension of being a head coach, with all of the personalities and getting involved in all of those things, has become a little more difficult."
December 29, 2002