Walt Harris Big Game Post-Game

There was much to discuss with Walt Harris late Saturday underneath Memorial Stadium. Stanford just finished their best performance of a tough season, which called for much praise plus discussion of a few mistakes. The Cardinal head coach also shared news with reporters about his next meeting with athletic director Bob Bowlsby, as well as what is right and worthy of continuation for this program.
December 3, 2006

Navy Photo Gallery

The return of the Cardinal to Stanford Stadium last Staurday also meant a return of Yuji Higaki and his sideline photographic journals. Enjoy these 31 photos of Stanford players in action and making plays on offense, defense and special teams.
September 19, 2006

Weathering the Big Blows

From the Xs and Os perspective, Stanford has their hands full tonight with their NCAA-worst rushing defense against Navy's #4-ranked ground game. But the bigger challenge may come on offense for the Cardinal, where they had the team's strength until a pair of devastating losses this week to senior starters. The emotional and tactical disadvantages will be difficult today and throughout the season.
September 16, 2006

Frank, Bradford on Season-Ending Injuries

These are the Q&A sessions we dread. Sitting down with a hard-working and good-hearted student-athlete who has just had his season (or career) ripped from him is difficult. Twice this week, we and some other local media talked with Stanford seniors dealt devastating news by their injuries. Both Nick Frank and Mark Bradford fortunately were poised and composed in the face of disappointment.
September 15, 2006

Nick Frank Finished with Football

The Stanford Football team and its supporters were still reeling from the news that Mark Bradford is lost for the season, when another huge hammer dropped yesterday. Senior and starting fullback Nick Frank met with Stanford doctors and found news of a birth defect that immediately ended his football playing career. For the second time in five days, the Cardinal are devastated by a difficult loss.
September 15, 2006

View from the Press Box: San Jose State

When Stanford administrators decided last winter to move the 2006 game against San Jose State to Spartan Stadium, there were rumbles of concern about giving up a home game. Those fears played out today, as the Spartans upset Stanford, 35-34. SJSU put up 21 unanswered points, while the Cardinal never scored in the second half. The defense was awful again, and second-half turnovers killed the Card.
September 9, 2006

Walt Harris Oregon Post-Game

There were few kind words uttered by a hoarse Walt Harris after his team floundered on offense, defense and special teams in a 48-10 loss at Oregon. He talked about the challenges presented by the Ducks and where Stanford could not match them. Normally quick to talk about offense, the first words out of his mouth spoke to the defense, who did not tackle and make plays.
September 3, 2006

View from the Press Box: Oregon

There were a lot of lessons learned during the course of Saturday's 48-10 season opening defeat at Oregon. For the second straight year, we bring you a detailed log of events, including some interesting sights we saw on the field as the game unfolded. The stark lessons were a defense that could not tackle and a special teams that hurt the Cardinal cause. Stalls on "O" hurt, too.
September 2, 2006