It's Game Week For Bama

Now it is game week, and Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula anticipates having butterflies. The Crimson Tide began its regular routine Sunday with a two-hour practice in which the first phase of the game plan was installed. Alabama will host South Florida at 2 p.m. CDT Saturday at Legion Field in Birmingham. ESPN will televise the game.
August 24, 2003

King's rehab going well

As the saying goes, football isn't a contact sport--it's a collision sport. And unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game. So it was for Juke King, who went down with a serious knee injury the second week of spring practice.
May 19, 2003

More than enough reasons to stay

With sanctions still in effect, the unpleasant reality is that Alabama's rising seniors still have the option of transferring this summer. But according to the players, there are more than enough reasons to stay.
May 7, 2003

Price Likes The Effort

In addition to the teaching, football coaching includes the psychologies of encouragement – the pats on the back and the kicks in the butt. Alabama football practices this spring under Coach Mike Price and his staff include plenty of both, praise and criticism.
March 12, 2003

It Was Not A Good Practice

Alabama Head Football Coach Mike Price is a pleasant fellow who seems always to have a smile on his face. He was smiling following Monday's practice, too, but he was not pleased with what he had seen on the practice field. "We didn't win the national championship today," he said. "It was not a good practice. We were tired and out of shape and sloppy."
March 10, 2003

Day one photo report

Under overcast skies the Mike Price era at Alabama officially began, with players and coaches assembling on the Drew-Thomas Practice fields for the first day of spring practice.
March 3, 2003

Bama moves to shore up fullback position

The Alabama offense continues to evolve, adapting and conforming to the strengths of the athletes involved. In the last several games the role of a traditional blocking fullback has expanded. <br><br>Responding to that change, the Tide staff has moved Juke King from defense to offense to shore up the fullback position.
October 22, 2002