Taylor joins brothers on the O-Line

Taylor Britt has always been close to older brother Wesley and younger brother Justin. Now, he'll have a chance to become a little bit closer.
March 5, 2004

Bama bashes Bulldogs

For one day at least the Crimson Tide players put their bad game-day luck behind them, executing well in all phases of the game to shutout Mississippi State, 38-0.
November 9, 2003

Depth becomes a concern

Injuries are part of college football. And three games into the season and counting, Alabama is sporting its share of bumps, twists and bruises. <br><br>"We've got depth," Head Coach Mike Shula said in discussing the problem. "I don't know if we have great depth... Probably not as much as we want."
September 16, 2003

Tide Goes Into Full Gear

There was no mistake about Alabama's football team being in full gear Saturday. The four-day build-up–two days in shorts and helmets, two days with shoulder pads added to the uniform–culminated in full gear and full contact on Saturday. And there was a decided difference in the level of hitting.
August 9, 2003

Gaining experience on the run

Staring the problem dead in the face, Defensive Tackles Coach Buddy Wyatt talked about his main concern for the upcoming season. <br><br>"The number one thing is we'll be trying to develop some depth," Wyatt said.
July 22, 2003

Whole lot of sweatin' goin' on

With the start of the first summer term, the Alabama weight room quickly got much more crowded as athletes returned to get started on summer workouts. Most are enrolled in school taking at least one class, but all of the players on hand are working hard.
June 13, 2003