Ephraim Flippant About Suspension

The Browns center doesn't seem too remorseful or upset about having to sit out four games...
August 16, 2006

OBR News and World Report: 8/16

Wherein another center bites the dust. JT recaps the exciting action!
August 16, 2006

Ephraim Suspended for Four Games

As confirmed during the OBR radio broadcast, the Browns center becomes the fourth snapper to be taken out of action this pre-season.
August 15, 2006

Browns Patient with Center Search

The Cleveland Browns believe that "haste makes waste" when it comes to filling the gap in the middle, which Alonzo Ephraim (pictured) and Ross Tucker are trying to fill. Here's a recounting of where we are at the moment...
August 14, 2006

OBR News and World Report: 8/9

"Things fall apart; the center cannot hold... " Yeah, right. Yeats was full of hooey. Whoever winds up as the Browns center may wind up holding a whole heck of a lot unless he wants Charlie Frye to get killed. Here's John Taylor's take on things on The Day After Hallen Bailed...
August 9, 2006