Forging a team in the summer sun

Paraphrasing a movie line, "How hot was fall camp? It was #%$* hot!!!" <br><br>As any athlete knows, there is simply nothing like practicing football under a blistering August sun. Thankfully, modern sports medicine is now infinitely better equipped to deal with the problem.
August 20, 2003

O-Line status report

With a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and an entirely new offensive playbook, it's safe to say that early on the Tide will be relying on its veteran and talented offensive line. <br><br>Position Coach Bobby Connelly provides a status report.
August 19, 2003

Tide Gets A Little Needed Rest

Wednesday was a fairly light day for Alabama's football team. But it made sense. The Crimson Tide had the first of its two-a-day practices Sunday, scrimmaged Monday, and had its second practice on Tuesday at night. And the squad if facing a very important scrimmage on Saturday. A little rest was in order, and it may have helped the Bama to a productive practice.
August 13, 2003