'Mr. Versatile' does it again

When Matt Lomax trotted onto the field Saturday at tight end more than one fan did a double-take. But Head Coach Mike Shula noted that it was just another notch in the fifth-year senior's position belt. <br><br>"He's played the guard, center and the tackle position this year," Shula said, "so why not put him there at tight end?"
November 24, 2003

Bama/LSU photo report

Alabama fans are used to seeing a dominant defensive performance, but most of the time in the past it's been their team doing the dominating. <br><br>Saturday LSU was just too good for the Tide.
November 16, 2003

A new center of attention?

Football is the ultimate team game. When an individual plays well but his team loses, don't expect him to be happy. <br><br>So it was with center Matt Lomax.
October 22, 2003

Photos from Saturday's loss

For an Alabama team not devoid of talent, the frustrating 2003 season continues. <br><br>The Tide did have some significant moments during the game, and some players turned in very good individual performances. But none of it was nearly good enough, as Ole Miss took out decades of frustration in crusing to a 43-28 home win.
October 19, 2003

O-Line status report

With a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and an entirely new offensive playbook, it's safe to say that early on the Tide will be relying on its veteran and talented offensive line. <br><br>Position Coach Bobby Connelly provides a status report.
August 19, 2003

Searching for relief

The nature of the position allows O-Linemen to play more downs than their defensive counterparts, but a certain amount of depth is still required--especially as a hedge against injury. <br><br>"Our starting offensive line should be a strength of the offense," Line Coach Bobby Connelly said. "But when the time comes and we need some depth or rest, then we can do that.
July 22, 2003

Talented but terribly thin

For the 2003 Alabama offensive line, right now it's a question of feast or (relative) famine.
May 29, 2003