Martz Takes Place Next to Star Linemates

A year ago when you talked about a star-quality trio of Alabama offensive linemen in the same class, you were probably talking about Wesley Britt, Evan Mathis and Justin Smiley.
October 12, 2004

Squad conditions for spring

For fans wondering about the specifics of what's going on every day at the Alabama Football Complex, senior guard Danny Martz offered an explanation. <br><br>"I've never been this sore this long ever," Martz said. "There are muscles that I never knew could hurt that are hurting."
February 13, 2004

Stepping up at right guard

With one starter (Wesley Britt) out for the season and a second (Dennis Alexander) sidelined for the day, most expected Alabama's offensive line to struggle against Mississippi State. Instead, the unit controlled the line of scrimmage all game. <br><br>"As I told everybody all week long, I feel good about our depth," Tide Line Coach Bobby Connelly said.
November 12, 2003

O-Line status report

With a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and an entirely new offensive playbook, it's safe to say that early on the Tide will be relying on its veteran and talented offensive line. <br><br>Position Coach Bobby Connelly provides a status report.
August 19, 2003