Rumors Floating out of Kenosha

<font color="#330033"><b>Rumble Rumble Rumble</font></b><br> <br> Unsettling reports about the O-line are coming out of Kenosha...and not much else...
August 14, 2003

Move'n the Ball - Purple Preview - Part 9

<b>Positives, Possible Negatives</b> and the <b>Unknowns</b><br><br> Here's our final section looking at the <b>Northwestern Offense</b> for the coming 2003 season.<br><br> We touch on Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Linemen, and maybe some roles for the Frosh. Its all right here...
July 17, 2003

Purple Reign Preview - Move the Ball - Part 6

The Spread Offense relies on 4 or 5 Receivers to open the field up for the running the game, [if you even need to run.]<br><br> <b>Northwestern</b> has had its share of good <b>Wide Receivers</b> over the past few years, and this year <b>NU</b> might just have a balanced <b>team</b> of wideouts ready to make a statement working as a team...
June 13, 2003

Northwestern Spring Practice 4: Offense II

After the final scrimmage, the NU Coaches always talk with the media about the Spring Practices, changes that were made, what the team accomplished and who stepped up.<br><br> Here's Part IV: Offense Part 2
May 6, 2003

Hey Coach, Waddaya Think?

Every time Coach Roy runs into a subscriber, he's asked about the <b>Wildcats</b> and how they looked during the <b>Spring Drills</b>,<br> <br> Here [we hope] are some answers.
April 28, 2003

Changes Mark the Spring 2-Deep

<b>Backes</b> moves to Corner, <b>Bogenrief</b> moves to Tight End, <b>Cobb</b> moves to Linebacker -- <br><br> Just three of the position changes as Coach <b>Randy Walker</b> shuffles the <b>Wildcat</b> 2 deep heading into <b>Spring Practice</b>.
March 27, 2003

Thompson Talks Recruiting

Country Day wide receiver Kim Thompson was hosted by Ashton Aikens and he'll visit a Pac-10 school this weekend. Is there a leader?
January 15, 2003