The Early 2 Deep for Illinois

With no major injuries Saturday, the <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> will face the rested <b>Fighting Illini</b> with essentially the same team, but with a few of the injured starters available.<br><br> Its also about time to recognize some of the <b>Scout Team</b> standouts for the <b>Wildcats</b>.
November 18, 2003

Big Changes on the 2 Deep?

The official 2 deep is out, and there are quite a few changes in the offensive scheme.
October 28, 2003

Monday 2 Deep Changes for Indiana

Time to get out the highlighter and compare 2-Deeps for <b>Indiana</b> vs the previous game.<br><br> The Cats' are settling into their respective starting roles, but there are a couple of changes...
October 7, 2003

NU Wins - Its a First Step

The Northwestern University Wildcats got the 2003 season off to a good start with a win Saturday night over Kansas in a driving rain storm.<br><br> Here's some of the statistics and words from the NU Coach, Randy Walker after the game...
August 30, 2003

Move'n the Ball - Purple Preview - Part 9

<b>Positives, Possible Negatives</b> and the <b>Unknowns</b><br><br> Here's our final section looking at the <b>Northwestern Offense</b> for the coming 2003 season.<br><br> We touch on Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Linemen, and maybe some roles for the Frosh. Its all right here...
July 17, 2003