Finding the "Stopper" on D? - Part III

There are a lot of big shoes to fill for the <font color="#330033"><b>Northwestern Wildcats</b></font> as they prepare for the 2005 season, and the public road to <b>Ohio University</b> starts next Wednesday.<br> <br>The loss of three starters on the Offense is mirrored by the loss of 3 big players up front on the defense. In some ways, we saw the difference a healthy <b>Howard and Castillo</b> could make. Unfortunately, half of that duo is gone this year...<br>
March 28, 2005

SjT: Randy Walker to the Irish?

Seriously, some folks think Coach Walker is on the make...<b><br> <br> </b>He's been mentioned in a fishing expedition article as a possible man for the Head Job in South Bend.<b><br> </b><br> SjT has a few ideas that put water on that fire...<br>
December 8, 2004

POD: In Defense of Randy Walker

The rumbles have started some of the more vocal fans have again fallen off the NU Bandwagon.<br> <br> After each loss this season, and now that the season ended too early for most, the calls got more empassioned - calling for a coaching changes in Evanston.<br> <br> Here's one fans reasoned reply...
November 30, 2004

Walker Should be Out Wednesday

Northwestern Head Coach Randy Walker remains in the Evanston Hospital Tuesday Afternoon. <p>Sources at Northwestern say he could be released Wednesday.
October 26, 2004

Forever 1-0

Badgers keep same focus in win over Northwestern
October 23, 2004

Randy Walker - Teleconference 10/12

<b>NU </b>Head Coach <b>Randy Walker </b>on: Noah's Honor, the Bye Week, Getting Healthy, the Big 10 Winning the BCS, the focus of practice in a bye week, and how does this team at the half way point compare to last year's team...
October 13, 2004