Bill Carmody Teleconference: March 6th

NU Basketball Coach Bill Carmody's comments on playing Penn State for the third time, the play of Mohamed Hachad, where would you like to play the tournament in the future, OSU's 3 point shooting slump, what the Cats have to do defensively to beat Penn State this time, does he have an idea of who might win the tournament, and does he like the idea of a conference tourney and its possible effect on which teams make the NCAA Men's Tournament...
March 7, 2006

Seacat Leading Scorer: PSU 68 NU 55

Not to down play Evan's play - his career at NU was disrupted by Penn State - but for Seacat to be the leading scorer, well....
February 25, 2006

Lucky 13 & Mo's 25: NU 62 Wiscy 51

Remember when Davor Duvancic wore #31 for luck because it was #13 reversed? Duvancic must have been in the house as the Northwestern Wildcats scored 31 [reverse 13] in each half to out play the Wisconsin Badgers and improve their record to 13-12. It was a great night for Mohamed Hachad too - a career 25 points as Vedran Vukusic played hockey with the Badgers underneath to open the lanes. But Oh, what a win for the Wildcat Fans...
February 23, 2006

Back to .500 NU 52 OSU 61

If the Key to playing Ohio State is to get out front and keep them from making 3 point shots, then the Northwestern Wildcats did it right for a while Saturday afternoon, leading by as much as 12 points early in the game. The Buckeyes just couldn't get the ball to fall, and the Cats couldn't miss. But suddenly, the Bucks found the inside, grabbing offensive rebounds off the missed 3 pointers, and putting the ball back up to score.
February 18, 2006

Random Thoughts: A Team without VV?

Team Sports are a funny thing, sometimes you have a team that depends on only one player, and sometimes you have a true team. Coach Roy wonders if what we saw last night in the Illinois-Northwestern game might actually become a better situation for the Wildcats the rest of the season...
February 16, 2006

No Vedran, No Win NU 47 ILL 63

Beating Illinois on the road is hard enough, but Northwestern travelled to Assembly Hall Wedensday, knowing that the Big 10's leading scorer would be riding the bench. The game was even closer than the score, as the NU Wildcats kept coming back on the Illini until the "hope offense" cut in.
February 16, 2006

Random Thoughts: Senior Leadership

NU's two Senior starters put on a scoring show Wednesday, and even though a frosh made the shot to set up the win, they led by example both early and late in a win on the road against a quickly improving Big 10 team. Coach Roy notes that Seniors are supposed to be out front on most Big 10 teams and maybe, just maybe this is the turnaround Wildcat fans have been hoping for....
January 26, 2006