Jitim is Purple Reign's Top Cat

The Votes have been counted and its time to make the award -- <br><br> The winner [altho he earned it over 4 years] is <b>Jitim Young</b>.
March 15, 2004

Thanks Jitim

With the loss to Michigan State, it was the end of the Jitim Young Era at Northwestern.<br><br> He went out scoring 24 points, but he couldn't do it alone.<br><br> <h3>Thanks Jitim</b>
March 12, 2004

Review of the Game - POD

I know most people watched the game, but I thought I'd give my analysis anyway.
March 12, 2004

NU 57 - Penn State 52

It should have been an even bigger win, as the <b>Cats </b>picked the <b>Nittany Lions</b>' collective pockets 22 times.<br> <b><br> </b>But ice cold shooting and another double double from <b>Aaron Johnson</b> kept the <b>Penn State</b> in the game -- [Lots of Pictures inside...]
March 11, 2004

There's one Scholarship left

Everyone else is talking tournament, but Purple Reign has confirmed that NU Basketball Coach Bill Carmody has one more ride to award for next year. <p>Does it stay in house? or do the Cat coaches have their collective eye on someone else in Chicago.
March 9, 2004