7 Wildcats on Pro Prospect List

Over the years, <b>Northwestern Football</b> has produced a decent number of <b>NFL Prospects.</b><br><br> This year could prove to be another good year for future <b>NFL Cats</b>...
July 21, 2003

Top Pro-Prospects of the Big Ten

A look at the top 97 pro-prospects from the Big Ten. Included are all draft eligible players.
July 17, 2003

Scouting the Big Ten: Northwestern

A once promising program has fallen on hard times as Northwestern never seemingly recovered from the tragic loss of Rashidi Wheeler two years ago. They have a team that could surprise and make a low level ball game coming into the '03 season but the Wildcats draft outlook is not so keen for next April.
July 12, 2003

It All Starts - Purple Reign Preview - Part 2

It doesn't matter who plays Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Receiver, if they don't the ball, nothing happens.<br><br> Here's Part 2 of the Purple Reign 2003 Wildcat Preview as we look at the Middle of the NU Offensive Line and how we got to the replacement for <b>Tampa Bay's</b> newest Center, <b>NU</b> Alum <b>Austin King</b>.
June 4, 2003