One More Look at the Motor City Bowl

Steve revisits the Motor City Bowl, with his SjT Game Balls, and things to work on for next year.<br><br> It sounds like he had fun at the game, even if the Wildcats lost...
December 28, 2003

Its Bowl Day

Its a little last minute, but here are Coach Roy's thoughts heading into the <b>Motor City Bowl</b> against the <b>Falcons</b> of <b>Bowling Green</b> today...<br><br> Yeah, usually its an Intel report, but the coach's thoughts on this game have been truly random...
December 26, 2003


Last year <b>Northwestern</b> rolled out a bunch of freshmen to play defense in the Big 10.<br><br> The results were not pretty. This year the D may be up and down, but at home, the <b>Cats</b> have suddenly started to play everyone tough. The players call it <b>Lockdown.</b>
November 13, 2003

I've got 3 big games this weekend

There's <b>Northwestern - Purdue</b> on Saturday, but the Coach also has two other important games of interest this weekend.
October 31, 2003

SjT View from the Stands: NU 16 UW 7

And it couldn't have come at a better time as the <b>Wildcats</b> came out of their bye week on fire to part the red sea of fans in Ryan Field and send the <b>alumni</b> and <b>purple-clad followers</b> safely through to a <b>homecoming victory</b>.
October 26, 2003

Cats Come up Big When it Counts

<i>There's no question that when it was on the line some kids responded today and it was good to see that.</i><br><b>Randy Walker</b> after the game where the <b>Wildcats</b> won on the road with a Jason Wright TD in overtime.
October 11, 2003