Essex Making Adams Earn Job

Trai Essex has lost weight and gained the first-team left tackle spot -- for now.
July 26, 2012

Surprise Contender at LT?

Trai Essex says he shouldn't be counted out of the left tackle derby quite yet.
May 23, 2012

Random Thoughts: January 24th

This started out as a decent season. Usually you could count on 4 of the 5 starters to hit double figures, because we could get our outside 3 pointers to fall - especially at our house, Welsh-Ryan.
January 24, 2011

Reserve tackle returning to Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers have retained four free-agent offensive linemen this offseason with today's signing of reserve tackle Trai Essex to a two-year deal.
March 17, 2009

It Used to be "The Curse of the Wildcats"

It's quickly gone from none to 3 NU Wildcat football alums who got a Super Bowl winner's Ring. Pittsburgh's Trai Essex "broke" the curse in 2006, but over the History of Pro Football, the NU Wildcats had a far better record in the AFL and NFL Championships. Here's the full story, including a list of NU Alums who have played in the NFL/AFL Championship games since 1933.
January 30, 2009

Can backup linemen work magic?

The Steelers' offensive line can't go anywhere but up. Darnell Stapleton and Trai Essex are about to get their chance to make it happen.
October 2, 2008