More Post Game Interviews

WGN's <b>Ted Albrech'</b>s Post Game Interviews with 3 of the key players of the game: WR <b>Jonathan Fields</b>, CB <b>Jeff Backes,</b> and DE Loren Howard...
November 20, 2004

Cardiac Cats Redux IV - NU over Illinois 28-21

It was <b>Eurocat'</b>s Birthday so the result was a foregone conclusion, but...</font> <p>the </font><b><font color="#330033">NU Wildcats</font></b> made it interesting by having forcing their 4th Overtime game of the season, a big 10 record, scoring the winning TD on a pass to a kid who had dropped a couple in the 4th quarter, and then shutting down an <b>Illini</b> offense that had somehow been successful all day...<br>
November 20, 2004

SjT: One Half - Whole Win

A tale of two halves today in <b>Happy Valley</b>. The first half looked very much like last year's <b>NU-PSU</b> struggle that no team was able to seize control of until that tipped TD pass to <b>Brandon Horn</b>. <p>[This year it was the defense and ground game that turned it around].
November 6, 2004

Random Thoughts on Changing Lives

The ranks of the NU Football Team are full of players with stories about making a personal decision tostep up and excel on the gridiron..<br><br> Last Thursday, we saw another example, and da Coach wonders if its the air in Nicolet...
September 9, 2004

What can you say

It was wild and wooley, with 5 missed Field Goals, 637 yards of total offense by NU, and a record passing day for Junior QB Brett Basanez. <p>But if only just one of the FGs had made it....
September 2, 2004