For the Defense: Henderson & Cole

The Northwestern Defense is still mired at the bottom of the Big 10 statistics, but if you've been following the games closely, you'll notice that a unit that had been struggling seems to be gaining more stops, including two critical interceptions to essentially end games. Here are the post game comments from two of the defensive backs who are leading that return to the "Bend - don't Break Defense" for the Wildcats.
October 17, 2005

2 Deep Changes for Wisconsin

The Defensive shuffle continues for the Northwestern Wildcats as the coaching staff shifts gears from the Big Pass Play offense of Penn State to the Big Run Offense of Wisconsin. But the big changes might be more in who is on the 2 Deep now, and where they're penciled in to play.
October 3, 2005

More Defensive Shuffles - No Surprises

The Northwestern Wildcats are continuing the search for a defensive secondary that can shut down the rest of the Big 10, and give NU a fighting chance toat a .500 season.
September 30, 2005

The Real Position Battles in 2005 - Part 1

We're starting to see the "season preview" stories, some have actually paid attention to what's happening in Evanston, but others have taken the spring 2 deep as gospel. Just who has a shot at starting, and where?
July 8, 2005