The Falcons' Faint, Fading Pulse

The most vital numbers in assessing a team's success are the ones designating wins and losses, while everything else is little more than garish garnish. There are times when statistics can help clarify why a team has failed or succeeded. A fourth consecutive Air Force football season seems headed for a crash landing. Here are some areas of the team's play that bear examination.
November 2, 2004

Ghastly, Ghoulish and Ghostly

Having now lost two of its last three games at home and three of five in Falcon Stadium in 2004, the Falcons hit the road to play two improving teams: Wyoming and Army. With recapturing the CIC Trophy and winning the MWC title both out of the question, the remaining goals would seem to be securing a winning record and clinging to the hope that some bowl committee, any bowl committee, will notice. If AFA is going to win three of its next four games it will need to overcome some disturbing habits.
October 26, 2004

AFA By the Numbers

In his twenty-first season as AFA's head coach, Fisher DeBerry's record through 252 games stands at 159-92-1(.632) overall; 74-58-1(.560) on the road or at neutral sites and 85-34(.714) in home games. A greater number of these games have been played on the road or at neutral sites--133 or 52.9%--while 119 or 47.0% have been played as home games.
October 25, 2004

Updating the Numbers

Fisher DeBerry's record through 245 games, after completing his twentieth season as AFA's head coach, stands at 156-88-1(.638) overall; 73-57-1(.561) on the road or at neutral sites and 83-31(.728) in home games.
November 27, 2003

Two Firsts and One Third

The Air Force Falcons ended their 2003 season with a, 24-3, loss to the San Diego State Aztecs as a campaign which began with a promising 5-0 start and a national ranking for AFA, came to an abrupt and faltering conclusion.
November 23, 2003

The Final Chapter

The Air Force Falcons close their 2003 regular season schedule this Saturday evening in San Diego against the Aztecs. Ever the optimist, coach Fisher DeBerry is valiantly preparing his team to earn one more win in the hopes of securing a bowl bid that is unlikely to be forthcoming.
November 20, 2003

Betwixt and Between

The Air Force Falcons bring their 2003 regular football season--and perhaps their entire season--to a close this weekend when they play the San Diego State Aztecs. Fisher DeBerry's team is traversing a slippery slope which has seen the squad drop four of its past six games. It's a late season scenario which is becoming alarmingly, too familiar.
November 18, 2003

Updating the Numbers

Fisher DeBerry's record after 244 games, through the New Mexico game of 2003, as head coach at Air Force stands at 156-87-1(.641) overall; 73-56-1(.565) on the road or at neutral sites and 83-31(.728) in home games.
November 17, 2003