Home Sweet Home

The graduating class of 2004 at the Air Force Academy finished the home portion of its football career with a, 31-3, pounding of Army. In the process the Falcons raised their record to 7-3 on the season in advance of a climactic two game road swing which will lower the curtain on the regular season and determine whether or not AFA will be a bowl participant or merely staying home for the holidays.
November 9, 2003

The French Have a Phrase for It

They're a tough lot to figure out, those French. They think Jerry Lewis is high art and yet their museums contain the authenticated quintessence of same. Their passionate kiss, dressing and pastry are all first rate, but when it comes to cars, sacre bleu, the Citroen?!? What were they thinking on that one? However, on the matter of assessing this year's AFA football team there is much to be learned from our Francophone friends.
November 6, 2003

In the Midst of Uncertainty

You'll have to decide for yourself as to which side of the conundrum you hold: better the devil you know or the devil you don't know? Would you rather have the proverbial bird in the hand or try for two in the bush? Do you keep the fistful of cash handed to you by Monty Hall or do you trade it for what's behind the curtain and risked being zonked? Ahhh, the disquieting dubiety of it all.
November 6, 2003

A Rite of Spring

A look at the Air Force Spring drills culminating in the annual Spring version of the Blue Vs Silver game.
April 29, 2003

/Field Goals\ - Wait 'til Next Year

A season borne aloft on the wings of six consecutive victories crash landed with a fifth loss in seven games as Air Force Academy fell to Virginia Tech, 20-13, in the inaugural edition of the San Francisco Bowl. The team's fans can find comfort in the time honored lament "wait 'til next year" because, conveniently enough, 2003 has already arrived.
January 1, 2003

/Field Goals\ - SORE THUMBS

Cliches become part of our metaphoric lexicon because there is a measure of truth in them. There's one about sore thumbs which are said to "stick out," that is, they are easily noticed. The same is true of regular seasons recently concluded by Air Force and Virginia Tech. There were deteriorating elements of each team's play which were plain to see when their seasons took decided turns for the worse.
December 13, 2002