Wisconsin vs. Northwestern post game notes

Post game notes for Wisconsin's 24-12 win over Nothwestern
October 23, 2004

Forever 1-0

Badgers keep same focus in win over Northwestern
October 23, 2004

Random Thoughts on Negativity

daCoach has been following a trend in <b><font color="#330033">Northwestern Football</font></b> -- its the continued <b>positive attitude</b> coming from the team and the coaches.<br> <br> Our Cats are starting to believe they can win, and there appears to be no room around the athletic complex of negative thoughts...
October 5, 2004

Truog: Its hard to beat a better team

If you're all doom and gloom after the loss to Michigan, you're not alone, but SjT has a slightly different take on Saturday's game.<br><br> And some real positives to remember as we face the Illini...
November 18, 2003

The Wildcats beat the Nittany Lions

It took a major effort in the 4th quarter, but the NU Wildcats defeated the JoePa's of Penn State 17 - 7 today in Evanston...<br><br> And the win was in front of a bunch of potential recruits...
November 8, 2003

Randy Walker on the Teleconference

<br>NU Coach Randy Walker on:<br> The Purdue game<br> Wildcats going Bowling?<br> Making progress this week against Penn State.<br> Jason Wright's contribution to the team<br> The evolution of the NU Spread
November 5, 2003