Random Thoughts on Football, etc.

The bad thing about this time of year for <font color="#330033"><b>Northwestern</b></font> fans is that we seem to have to live on nothing but rumors and sketchy reports.<br><br> Its driving <i>da Coach</i> crazy...
August 12, 2003

Chris Pool: In the Chatroom

A select group of Wildcat fans were in the Purple Chat room last night, visiting with theInsiders.com Midwest Recruiting Guru <b>Chris Pool</b><br><br> Here's what we talked about...
August 5, 2003

Inside Slant

Even on the other side of the globe, the Bucs looked like world beaters.<br> Kicking off the new season in the same manner they ended the last one, the Bucs blasted the New York Jets 30-14 in the American Bowl at the Tokyo Dome.
August 4, 2003

It All Starts - Purple Reign Preview - Part 2

It doesn't matter who plays Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Receiver, if they don't the ball, nothing happens.<br><br> Here's Part 2 of the Purple Reign 2003 Wildcat Preview as we look at the Middle of the NU Offensive Line and how we got to the replacement for <b>Tampa Bay's</b> newest Center, <b>NU</b> Alum <b>Austin King</b>.
June 4, 2003