MAVNALYSIS: Too Little, Too Late For Guards?

Has Brewer changed Mavs' thinking? Is Roddy B getting squeezed? Kidd is going to play Sunday -- but what of beyond that? How's Jet's helping? Are there greater implications possible from what we've seen this week from the Dallas backcourt? The Mavs have a problem they've failed to address for too long; can Brewer provide a fix? A MAVNALYSIS …
April 9, 2011

Donuts: A Win, A Jet Bomb, A Standings Look

With priorities set, tethering Kidd to the bench, but allowing Chandler back, the Mavs welcomed the 'other' team from LA to town, and survived a 16-point first-quarter deficit and a sideline explosion from Jet to ride Corey B to a 107-96 victory. Oh, and have you noticed how close the No. 3 Mavs are to the Lakers now? Come on inside the game in Saturday Morning Donuts!
April 9, 2011

Jet As 'The Defiant One' As Mavs End Skid

'It's an internal matter and it's going to remain an internal matter,' says Carlisle of the way the Mavs will handle Jet's bench tantrum during what turned out to be a 107-96 win over the Clippers. Well, the discipline (or lack thereof) might be ‘internal.' But Jet's turbulence – and his premeditated ‘Defiant One' mentality – is out there for everyone to see. Some First Impressions from the win:
April 8, 2011

All-Access: Secrets, Videos, Persistence

Something happened at practice that was a revelation, and you'll only get it here. ... Carlisle's Word of the Day ... Video Visit with Rick, and exclusive video of Jet and Brewer at work ... special tutoring for Roddy B. ... If you are a Premium Mavs Fan, here is Your All-Access Pass!
March 22, 2011

What's The Corey Story? Thursday Mavs Donuts

Corey Brewer has cleared waivers and we've got ourselves a new Mavs toy. While we figure out who, if anyone, he supplants (not just DeShawn, but maybe starters Peja or Roddy B), I also want to know who he stops. Manu? Durant? Kobe? Let's workshop this ...
March 3, 2011

Source: Mavs To Win Bidding On Corey Brewer

Corey Brewer, the subject of a post-buyout bidding war among NBA contenders and non-contenders alike, is lined up to accept what is termed a 'creative' offer to join the Mavs, a source tells
March 2, 2011

What Do The Mavs See In Corey Brewer? This.

Ex-T'Wolves swingman Corey Brewer will come available if he gets a buyout from the Knicks, reports ESPN - and the Mavs are interested. What would Corey Brewer bring to the Dallas table? Hey, isn't he a 'bust'? Come inside and see the numbers and you'll understand the Mavs' interest.
February 28, 2011

History Lesson: Who Gets Best Players

The landscape of college basketball changed when David Stern told high schoolers to head for campus. Since 2006, no high school player has made the leap to the NBA. So, instead of the pros, where'd they go?
November 12, 2008