Farmar Talks About Decision

Jordan Farmar and Head Coach Ben Howland talk about Farmar's decision to remain in the NBA Draft, all the factors that went into the decision, what turning around the UCLA program meant to him, and more, in a telephone conference call with the media Sunday afternoon...
June 18, 2006

Farmar Makes the Decision

Jordan Farmar, the sophomore point guard who put his name into the NBA draft, had until the 2:00 p.m. deadline Sunday to decide whether to keep his name in the draft or go back to college for his junior year. Farmar has made his decision...
June 18, 2006

The Factors in Farmar's Decision

With the deadline for underclassmen to withdraw their name from the NBA Draft looming, UCLA sophomore point guard Jordan Farmar has a big decision to make, and soon. Here's a rundown on the factors that are playing into Farmar's decision, and the chances of him returning to UCLA...
June 15, 2006

Farmar at the NBA Draft Camp

Jordan Farmar, the UCLA sophomore point guard who has his name submitted for the NBA Draft, participated in the NBA Draft Camp in Orlando Wednesday. Find out how Farmar did and what were some of the reactions from NBA sources...
June 8, 2006

Basketball News: Farmar and Recruiting

There is a new development with Jordan Farmar, the sophomore point guard who currently has his name submitted for the NBA draft, and we provide you the latest status in the recruitment of signed prospect Marko Spica and another potential European recruit...
June 2, 2006

PG Help Not As Far Away As It Seems

Kyle Lowry, Jordan Farmar, Mustafa Shakur and Darius Washington Jr. all may have played their final games in college uniforms. But does that mean dire straits ahead for Villanova, UCLA, Arizona and Memphis? Not at all.
June 2, 2006

Hoops News

Here's the latest on the UCLA sophomores, Jordan Farmar and Arron Afflalo, and their NBA Draft prospects. Also, there is an interesting development in UCLA recruiting for the incoming class of 2006....
May 31, 2006

Bruins Start NBA Workouts

The UCLA basketball players who currently have their names available for the NBA draft started working out for NBA teams this week. Find out exclusively on Bruin Report Online how senior Ryan Hollins and, more critically, Arron Afflalo and Jordan Farmar, fared...
May 25, 2006