Lofton still launchin'

There's a word for fans who got to watch Chris Lofton launch 3-pointers during his four-year Tennessee basketball career ... privileged.
July 4, 2010

UT honors Chris Lofton

Chris Lofton's sweet jump shot is no longer on display around the University of Tennessee campus but his name soon will be. One office inside the Pratt Practice Pavilion will be known as the Chris Lofton Recruiting Room.
December 21, 2009

Back and bombin'

One former Tennessee basketball star had scarcely returned from a trip to Memphis when he "went off" again ... figuratively speaking, at least.
June 24, 2009

Lofton cited for sportsmanship

It's nice to know that sportsmanship still has a prominent place in a society for which "Win at all costs" has become almost a national motto.
June 10, 2008

Lofton's story makes

The inspirational story of Tennessee basketball star Chris Lofton, who played his entire senior season while fighting off the effects of radiation therapy for testicular cancer, has found its way onto
May 29, 2008

Another hurdle for Lofton

For a guy who is considered just mildly athletic, one former Tennessee Vol certainly is asked to clear a lot of hurdles.
May 24, 2008

A tribute to Lofton

Given that he was battling the ravages of testicular cancer and radiation therapy throughout 2007-08, some would say we didn't see the real Chris Lofton last season.
May 2, 2008

Lofton battled cancer

Tennessee basketball player Chris Lofton was battling more than gimmick defenses last season. He was battling testicular cancer, as well.
May 1, 2008