2003 - The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

NU Wildcat fans had a whole bunch of ups and downs this year-<br><br> Here are Coach Roy's <b>Highlights and Lowlights of 2003</b>...
December 31, 2003

Jason says goodbye with a Bowl Record 237 yds

The Cats started the 4th Quarter leading 17-14, but the Falcons scored 14 to NU's 7 [and caused a crucial NU turnover] in the 4th quarter to get the win.<br> <br> In the End it was the Falcons' <b>Josh Harris</b>, who threw for 384 yards and 3 TDs who proved too much for the <b>Wildcats</b>.
December 26, 2003

Its Bowl Day

Its a little last minute, but here are Coach Roy's thoughts heading into the <b>Motor City Bowl</b> against the <b>Falcons</b> of <b>Bowling Green</b> today...<br><br> Yeah, usually its an Intel report, but the coach's thoughts on this game have been truly random...
December 26, 2003

7 Wildcats on Pro Prospect List

Over the years, <b>Northwestern Football</b> has produced a decent number of <b>NFL Prospects.</b><br><br> This year could prove to be another good year for future <b>NFL Cats</b>...
July 21, 2003

Top Pro-Prospects of the Big Ten

A look at the top 97 pro-prospects from the Big Ten. Included are all draft eligible players.
July 17, 2003

Move'n the Ball - Purple Preview - Part 9

<b>Positives, Possible Negatives</b> and the <b>Unknowns</b><br><br> Here's our final section looking at the <b>Northwestern Offense</b> for the coming 2003 season.<br><br> We touch on Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Linemen, and maybe some roles for the Frosh. Its all right here...
July 17, 2003