Cowboys Release Six

Six players were released by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday.
June 3, 2005

<i>We knew coming in-the game on us</i>

Two NU Defensive Stars speak after the game: <b><p>Dominique Price:</b> <i>when stuff like that happens you have to respond as a defense - you give up a play, you just have to turn around and stop them. <p> </i><b>Tim McGarigle:</b><i>I've got to commend our D-Line, they played a great game, we got off the ball and manhandled their O-Line and that's what won us this rushing battle</i></font>
October 30, 2004

Wildcat 2-Deep Changes

For those who watch these things, there are a few "adjustments" to the new <b>Northwestern</b> 2 Deep this week.
September 24, 2003

Coach Roy's Spring Practice Notes

Here's our review of the first weekend of Spring Practice - <br><br> Including some additional coach's comments from after the practices Saturday...
April 8, 2003