Vikings Release CB Ward

The Vikings continued their post-camp trimming of the roster in preparation for training camp. The latest victim is cornerback Marvin Ward, who became a casualty of increasing depth in the defensive backfield.
June 27, 2006

Random Thoughts on Common Wisdom

Once again<font color="#330033"><b>, NU </b></font>coach <b>Randy Walker</b> is doing something different.<br> <br> Unlike some of the other coaches around the Big 10, Walk is talking to the team about going bowling in December.<br> <br> Huh?
November 16, 2004

<i>Posts of the Day</i> - On the D-Backs

<i>From the Premium Board</i> - Here's an interesting discussion on the defensive backfield's exploits following the game with Purdue. <p>From time to time there has been a lot of criticism on the play of the D-Backs from different fans, but after the ball hit the field with no time left, most fans would agree that D-Back Coach <b>Jerry Brown</b>'s Defensive Backfield had played the game of the year...
November 1, 2004