Gulf Coast report: Extra effort

Florida in July isn't usually regarded as a comfortable atmosphere in which to spend hours outdoors, but the Gulf Coast Mets have nevertheless logged their fair share of extra time in the sunshine over the past week.
July 25, 2006

Overview of Catcher Prospects

Catching represents a positional strength of the Mets' farm system. Justin Huber is the obvious jewel among the catching prospects but Michael Jacobs might not be too far behind him offensively after a strong 2003 campaign. There are several "organization" guys among the Mets' catching prospects. The Mets love toolsy players like Jimmy Anderson, Brett Kay, Joseph Hietpas, and Danilo Reynoso. All possess the tools that may allow them to emerge as quality prospects.
March 1, 2004

Preseason: The Top 40 Mets' Prospects

The Mets' farm system has come a long way, baby. This improvement was predicted here before the 2002 season. Since the Mets were coming off back-to-back quality drafts when combined with improvement in their Latin program, it was an easy improvement to predict. As most analysts rank farm systems based upon long season talent that had not made an impact in 2001. Thus, the Mets farm system was generally ranked in the 27 to 29 range before 2002 when generally ranked in the 12-14 range after.
April 2, 2003

Overview of Catcher Prospects

Probably, outside of starting pitching, catching represents the positional strength of the system. Justin Huber is the obvious jewel among the catching prospects. Huber has few weaknesses with the bat and only needs to substantially improve his throwing. Otherwise, he looks like a top prospect. He's already demonstrated solid power potential and his body has room to fill out. Jason Phillips is major league ready but blocked by Vance Wilson and Mike Piazza.
February 3, 2003