Keep'n it real with Wali Muhammad

As a defensive player, Wali Muhammad is one of many that share in the frustration of slow starts. The comebacks, while valiant are only possible, because the team got down big, early in the game. The emphasis this week, like the last few, will be to turn the tables on the recent trend of coming out of the gate slow. And they will have to do it against a team that sports a pretty good defense of their own.
November 1, 2005

Keep'N it real with Wali Muhammad

Following a tuesday practice, you would have thought the team was coming off of a victory rather than a heartbreaking loss. Well, in the minds of many of the players, that's exactly the case. They know they lost on the scoreboard, but they also know they played well. It was just the silly things that gave the game away. They are ready to prove that as they hit the road for the first time. They are ready to prove it all yet again. Enjoy this edition of sound bytes with Wali Muhammad.
October 11, 2005

Muhammad wants everyone "Back in Black"

Adam Carriker says he's a "beast", talking about Wali Muhammad's play thus far this year. Two more sacks against Pitt puts the senior defensive end as one of the top sackmasters on the team. More time on the field, more opportunities to wreak havoc and there's nobody happier than him. That's just a warm up, according to Wali, though, but you have to tune into the rest of the season to see, but before you do, if you are a student, Muhammad has a request for you. He wants YOU "Back in Black".
September 21, 2005

Keepin it real with Wali Muhammad

There's bound to be a lot of emotions going into the first game of the year, especially when you consider the turmoil that seems to have surrounded the team for most of the one prior. For Wali Muhammad, it didn't matter what was going on, because like with anything else, he takes it all in stride. Now, it's Maine and the start of his final season at NU. It's no time to wax nostalgic, though, because Muhammad has plans and big plans as he knocks his last year out in style.
August 31, 2005

YOU ask, THEY answer: Wali Muhammad

Welcome to our next segement of "You ask, they answer" as we take your questions for players or coaches and in a video Q &A, you get to hear their responses. Russ from Omaha, Don from Missouri; all you have to do is ask. It's your exclusive way to get even more connected to a program you can't get enough of and we're here to make it happen. So, enjoy this next segment with defensive end Wali Muhammad.
August 9, 2005

Wali Muhammad - Too much time on his hands

The story is well known. 22 and a half sacks, ready to blow the crowds away and a back problem takes him out for the season. This year, it's been one of being back physically, but mentally, the feeling for Muhammad is one of how this team goes out and he's only going out there with them if the situation is right. For a player who plays at one speed, one level, this is one year he'll remember and possibly regret. Enjoy this edition of sound bytes.
November 24, 2004