Nevada Gets Big Man

David Ellis, a 6-10 power forward from Sacramento, has reached a decision. The slender big man has given a verbal to Trent Johnson and Nevada...
September 25, 2003

West Coast Rankings: 2004 PFs

Josh Heytvelt, DeVon Hardin, Maarty Leunen and Lorenzo Mata are among the top players in a deep class of 2004 power forwards...
August 15, 2003

Pump Easter 2: More Juniors

There were a few new names, but many pretty known commodities among the 2004 class in Las Vegas last weekend, including Bryce Taylor, Lorenzo Mata, Dwight O'Neil and Chris Miles...
April 30, 2003

NU Sports News Digest for Good Friday 4/18

The Story on the <b>Debate Team's National Championship.<br> Football</b> gets in shape, RB solid<br> <b>Basketball</b> recruiting on our mind<br> The <b>Diamond Cats</b> are in action this weekend<br> <b>Tennis</b> and <b>Golf</b> updates too...
April 18, 2003

Looking for NU Basketball Prospects

<font color="#330033">Finding information on who Northwestern Basketball is recruiting...</font><br><br> </b>is like digging up the secrets of the CIA --<br>who <b>Bill Carmody </b>& Co. are recruiting is always closely guarded...</font>
April 18, 2003