Coachwatch: Grimm Saturday

Was the 2000 season, in a small way, a glimpse of 2005? The Browns defensive coordinator during that misbegotten season was Romeo Crennel, who interviewed Friday for the job of Browns head coach. Saturday is Russ Grimm's turn. Here is Barry's update, as of Saturday afternoon, of the status of the various Browns head coaching candidates...
January 8, 2005

Head Coach: Meet the Candidates

Nine men who have been mentioned prominently in the Browns coaching search...
January 5, 2005

Levine: Browns Town? A Common Theme

Les gets a lot of letters explaining why Browns fans are so devoted...
January 5, 2005

Passan: Buyer Beware

There are a lots of reasons to feel good about the Browns win against the Houston Texans on Sunday. As the 2005 off-season dawns, however, Browns fans should be careful what conclusions they reach. So writes columnist Rich Passan in this week's editorial...
January 4, 2005

Wanting to Help 'Robo'

While stranded on the sidelines, Browns starting MLB Andra Davis has been silently frustrated. He has been able to simply watch, unable to help Terry Robiskie, the man he wants to see become the 2005 head coach of the Browns. Bernie's Insiders' Frank Derry talks to Davis about the situation, and offers his thoughts on Robiskie's campaign to land the full-time job.
January 3, 2005