When Practice is Hard...

There's still some fallout from the Disaster in the Desert, but according to NU's Coach Randy Walker, the Northwestern Wildcats are using their Senior Leadership to try to get the Cats back on track for the start of the Big 10 schedule. The conference slate starts with the very dangerous and undefeated Penn State Nitanny Lions.
September 22, 2005

The Real Position Battles in 2005 - Part 2

The loss of 2 veteran players has Northwestern fans scratching their heads, wondering who will finally play where, but Center and Right Corner aren't the only places where questions about starters exist. In Part 2 we look at a couple of other big questionmarks on the Purple Wildcat's 2-Deep...
July 11, 2005

Random Thoughts: D-Line What If...

daCoach has been thinking about what he saw on the <b>defensive line</b> last week during the Northwestern's Spring Practice and a comment made afterwards by NU's Defensive Line coach about Defensive Tackle, former DE <b>Barry Cofield</b>.<br> <br> Its a game of "What If" for last season, but maybe its also "watch out" in 2005...<br>
April 7, 2005

Finding the "Stopper" on D? - Part III

There are a lot of big shoes to fill for the <font color="#330033"><b>Northwestern Wildcats</b></font> as they prepare for the 2005 season, and the public road to <b>Ohio University</b> starts next Wednesday.<br> <br>The loss of three starters on the Offense is mirrored by the loss of 3 big players up front on the defense. In some ways, we saw the difference a healthy <b>Howard and Castillo</b> could make. Unfortunately, half of that duo is gone this year...<br>
March 28, 2005

Valentine's Day - Time to rhyme the recruits

Ahhh, <b>Valentine's Day</b> when Coach Roy's thoughts on recruiting wax poetic...<br> [about the 2003 Recruiting Class...]
February 14, 2003

Big Ten Rankings (12/13/02)

Here's a look at the Big Ten recruiting race with eight weeks to go until signing day 2003. Michigan still holds the #1 spot but things can change quickly.
December 13, 2002