Depth Sea Diving

The Cardinals signed five players they hope to see on the field rarely in 2006, but with an injury plaged '05, depth has become a focus.
April 4, 2006

A look at the upcoming cuts

The Bengals must cut eight more players before Tuesday to reach the NFL's mandatory 65-player limit. The final cut-down date comes a week from Sunday on Aug. 31 when all teams must be down to 53 players. In all, the Bengals must release 20 players from their current roster. <br><br>Here's a quick run down of where each position group stands.
August 23, 2003

An early look at some position battles

<b>GEORGETOWN, Ky. –</b> Marvin Lewis had a goal of creating competition at every position in his first training camp. He can consider that goal met. Now it's just up for those competitions to produce players who can play at a higher level than what has been shown for the past 12 seasons.
August 6, 2003

Coaches Happy with Scrimmage Story

<b>GEORGETOWN, Ky. –</b> This is the way of training camp. Day in and day out, teammates pound on each other in the hopes of showing something to the coaches who don't really know what they've got. The coaches have seen the tapes from college or from past seasons, but until they see a player in person for a repeated number of days, they just don't know about the player.
August 2, 2003