DeSouza Weighing Overseas Options

It seems like a lot of kids are thinking about playing professionally out of high school these days. Hatila DeSouza isn't much different than say Dwight Howard; except for the fact DeSouza's pro prospects are overseas.
February 25, 2004

Dell Curry Shootout: Day Two

<b>CHARLOTTE, N.C. –</b> Mount Zion and Laurinburg are going to battle for the Dell Curry Shootout championship. Each cruised in semifinal action on Friday.
January 2, 2004

Laurinburg: One School, Four Teams

<b>LAURINBURG, N.C. –</b> Laurinburg is a school with four basketball programs under one roof. On Wednesday, took a trip to see each one of them.
October 16, 2003