Martinez and Tucker Doing What They Can To Help

Ramon Martinez and Michael Tucker weren't exactly blockbuster additions. Martinez came to the Phillies along with Ugueth Urbina for Placido Polanco on June 8th and Tucker was added from San Francisco on August 27th. Looking back though, both have helped the Phillies to win games by bolstering a somewhat weak bench.
September 23, 2005

Finally, A Trade To Be Happy About

It's been a good week for the Phillies. First, they get Mike Costanzo - the guy they wanted all along - with their first pick in the draft. Now, they unload unhappy Placido Polanco to Detroit for much needed bullpen help and a quality utility infielder. Plus, like Costanzo, both of the new guys are excited about being in Philadelphia.
June 9, 2005

Martinez Discusses DL Stint

Reserve infielder Ramon Martinez was placed on the disabled list for a groin injury that he suffered in a game on Sept. 15.<BR><BR> Why put him on the disabled list when the rosters have expanded to 40?
September 30, 2004

Rewind: Cubs vs Giants, Game #1

Dusty Baker returned to Pacific Bell Park in a Cubs uniform for the first time since his departure from San Francisco. As expected, he received a warm welcome from the fans. A montage of Dusty images shown on the AstroVision screen garnered cheering and applause from the 40,000 people that attended the first game of the three-game series.
April 29, 2003