Fall Camp Preview - Defensive Line

There isn't a Bill Swancutt or Inoke Breckterfield type player on the roster, but if you believe there is strength in experience then the Oregon State defensive line is your unit. Only two starters return from a year ago, but seven players are back who have played in at least 10 games each last season.
July 26, 2007

Fall Camp Focus: Defensive Line

A year has past and little has changed with the defensive line. They are still on the hot seat after underperforming in ‘05. Although largely the personnel on the field has not changed the man in charge of the troops has. Coach Joe Seumalo has instilled confidence and pride to a once battered group slowing molding them into cohesive unit.
August 1, 2006

Post spring look: Defensive line

The biggest news on the defensive line was their new coach Joe Seumalo. He immediately connected with his players and his tenacity for fundamentals is just what the line needed. Seumalo also brings playing experience from the college ranks, which the players respect and appreciate. Similar to what the offensive line does, the defensive line was often times in the corner working on their body position and hand placement over and over again.
May 19, 2006

The good, the bad, the question - DL

BF.com previews the Oregon State defensive line heading into April.
March 27, 2006

'06 Inventory: Defensive Line

BF.com continues its postseason look at the 2006 football team with the defensive ends and tackles.
December 28, 2005

Projected Depth Chart: Defense

BF.com finishes its projected depth chart articles with the defense. Also, links to the official two deeps in HTML format.
August 30, 2005

Beaver Football 101: Defensive Line

Hello and welcome to BeaverFootball.com's newest feature, Beaver Football 101. The man with the chalkboard is recruiting analyst James Greule, and OrangeAttack is the uh...other guy. <br><br> To the untrained eye, football can appear to be a chaotic ballet of bodies flying in seemingly random directions. Nowhere is this more true than the offensive and defensive lines, where casual observers might think that it's simply a matter of strength vs. strength, and scheme is rarely even considered.
October 26, 2004