NU Recruiting in the Buckeye State

When you check out the <b>Hot News</b> at the top of <b>Purple Reign</b> every morning, you see a lot of stories tagged with <b>"</b>," our Ohio State recruiting site.<br> I met the Ohio State guys at <b></b> meeting in Las Vegas and decided to see if they'd answer a few recruiting questions about how <b>NU</b> is doing in the Buckeye state this year...
June 16, 2003

NU Sports News Digest for Tuesday 2/18

Its a little light on NU <b>Basketball</b> today...but we've stories from Gopherland....<br> A parallel to the <b>Football </b>"situation" as recruiting starts up again.<br> <b>Lacrosse </b>on a tear so is <b>Softball</b><br> <b>Tennis </b>gets a win and the <b>Fencers </b>do well too<br> <b>Wrestling </b>come close, but....
February 18, 2003

Junior Prospect - Nick Schubert

Oakwood's Nick Schubert is one of the Dayton area's top defensive players. He will be one to watch this year.
February 18, 2003