Wednesday Notebook:

The Steelers had enough problems with depth at ILB before Larry Foote hurt his ankle. Read more in Jim Wexell's notebook:
September 5, 2012

For Bengals, Never Enough Johnsons

The Bengals are fortunate to have a play-making, starting-caliber linebacker on reserve with fourth-year veteran Brandon Johnson. Apparently, the team agrees. Here's why the Bengals like Brandon.
February 28, 2010

Unknown Johnson Taking Advantage of Chances

The NFL is full of stories about players just waiting for a chance to prove they can play. The Bengals might have their own improbable story unfolding in Brandon Johnson, who did his best to show what he can do in the team's annual intrasquad scrimmage.
August 1, 2008

Linebackers Off-season Analysis

When Ken Whisenhunt signed on to become the head coach of the Cardinals, he did so with a vision to implement a true 3-4 defense. That plan may take a big hit this off-season, as the team's linebacker corps--maybe the most pivotal position on a 3-4 defense--could be one of its biggest question marks.
January 10, 2008

On the Supplements and Feeling A Draft

The Supplemental Draft is tomorrow.  Anyone else have that marked down on their calendars?  The Supplemental Draft is another opportunity to take a chance on a prospect that has a lot of upside and warts.  Except for former Texas fullback Ahmard Hall.  He was in the Marines.  And I happen to know that they check everyone for warts and hernias.  So he's clean.  He just hasn't played in some time.
July 12, 2006

Big Things In Store for 'Big'

Leonard Pope is expected to step up this year in a 'Big' way; Calvin Pace has a new position, and hopefully a new lease on his career; The Cardinals sign two draft picks; Will there be enough cap space to resign the vets, and will they have to earn it first?
July 9, 2006