Chargers Camp: Full Pads

There is nothing like the first full pad practice. Fans in attendance knew they were in for a treat. San Diego Chargers practice in Carson on Saturday delivered a high energy performance that left fans mouths watering for the start of the season. Sunday saw the team in full pads once again.
July 28, 2003

Chargers Camp: The Oklahoma Drill

<b>Oklahoma Drill:</b> Two mats are placed about three yards apart and a running back must run through the tiny space already occupied by one offensive player and one defensive player, who are pitted in a one-on-one drill and smacking pads with ferocity. The defensive player must try to shed the block and tackle the oncoming running back who is looking for the elusive open lane. <br><br> We have the details of almost every matchup on the day!
July 27, 2003

Trip to the Trenches -- Defensive Line

The byline on defense is swamped with the defensive backfield, for good reason. However, as most fans recognize, it all starts up front in the trenches, and the San Diego Chargers 2003 defense will live or die by the line play as much as the upheavals in the backfield.
July 19, 2003

Do we really need another DT?

I pondered this question when I saw the big bruisers that the San Diego Chargers had on the defensive line on Saturday. It would make you wonder too. Do we really need another DT??
June 19, 2003

Practice and Page

I should have seen it. The signs were all there, but the word was mum in the days leading up to it. I watched Toniu Fonoti switch to left guard from his slot on the right side. Yet I failed to realize it meant something more than what the cards showed. It meant the eventual signing of Solomon Page by the San Diego Chargers. A move that came just days ago, but as OTA's have told us, it means a heck of a lot.
June 7, 2003

The Day's Drills

Everything is a drill. Regimented, planned and executed, or at least that is the hope. The coaches spend countless hours preparing a game plan for the day and hope the players will execute it. Of course, those that don't play up to standards, will be released. The day's best and worst among other highlights.
May 30, 2003

Tim Love Scouting Report

Tim Love joins the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent. He is the first defensive tackle to join the Chargers.
April 28, 2003