Accorsi meets the media

Ernie Accorsi met with the New York media Monday afternoon to discuss the season his Giants just concluded. Here's some of what Big Blue's GM had to say:
January 3, 2005

Houston Texans Draft Grades

Year two of this franchise sees a competitive young Texan team building yet a squad with lots of holes. There were many areas Houston could've looked throughout the seven rounds but just like last year, the early part of the draft had an offensive theme.
July 6, 2003

Impact players for 2003

As Cardinal football fans struggle through the absence of action on the field, ITV takes a look at what players fans should expect to make a difference on the field this fall.
May 6, 2003

Bobby Buchanan: "I loved it!"

Bobby Buchanan made an unofficial visit to the Louisville football complex for the spring game and he tells ITV about the visit, his current favorites, as well as his brother Ray's halftime performance.
April 22, 2003

2003 Draft Value Board

Getting closer to the draft, here is our value board for all seven rounds. Extra players have been added in the middle and late rounds in anticipation of compensatory selections, as well as two/three fence prospects in the early frames. We have a total of 263 players on our board, 261 were selected in the 2002 draft.
April 10, 2003