A look at the secondary

It's not a complete makeover, but the Steelers certainly did a Bob Villa-like fixer-upper job on their secondary heading into the 2004 season. <br><br> With training camp set to open July 30, the Steelers currently have three new starters at the four secondary positions from a year ago. And the only reason Chad Scott, the only returning starter, still has a spot with the team is because it would cost the Steelers too much money to release him.
July 28, 2004

Roster cuts Are In !

The first cuts are in, and the only minor surprise is the release of cornerback Nashville Dyer. The free agent from Kent State is still eligible to be placed on the five-man practice squad after 4 p.m. on Sept. 1.
August 22, 2003

The Official SEC 2003 SC Preview

The rest of the conference doesn't know us as well as we know ourselves naturally. As a matter of fact when they look this way this is basically what they will see. Little wonder that none of the other schools' fans are giving us much of a chance this year. Does this Gamecock football team have a surprise in store for the rest of the league this year? ...
July 24, 2003

Tuesday Morning Blitz

"Coach Cowher always says special teams win two or three games a year; if that's true, I like to think all of us on the special teams are worth what they're paying us." A quote from punter Josh Miller, who'd have thunk it. Truth is, the Steelers special teams haven't been worth a plumb nickel for several years and if they've won any games, it's been for the opposition. <br><br> <b>Fourth Quarter: Special Ops</b>
July 15, 2003

Revisiting the Pittsburgh Steelers Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers; many times they leave you wondering what they were thinking of after April's draft but to their credit, the organization is always competitive…and that's the bottom line. What would they do to sure up the squad this time around on draft weekend?
July 6, 2003

SnapShot: Rashad Faison

Rashad Faison didn't need to knock the sense, and the ball, from wide receiver Leonard Scott on the last day of minicamp. Without pads, Scott was a sitting duck. But Faison couldn't help himself. It's an instinct.
June 19, 2003

SnapShot: Russell Stuvaints

His phone won't stop ringing because his family and friends from McKeesport are either a.) Deliriously happy their boy is with the Steelers, b.) Looking for tickets, or c.) Both. <br><br> He's a little busy, though. The former Tigers running back is immersed in his playbook. He's still trying to get the hang of his new position at strong safety.
June 14, 2003