These Chargers Are Hard to Figure...

David Boston is home because Marty Schottenheimer allowed him a "personal day"...OR... <br><br> Boston is home because AJ Smith sent him there, and he has to come back with a note from his mother...
September 25, 2003

Parker to IR, Gilliam Signed

An injury that has sent Vaughn Parker to the benches for the year has had a cascade effect on the roster. On Tuesday, Parker underwent surgery to repair the torn anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee. <br><br> With Reche Caldwell out for seven plus weeks and Tim Dwight now listed as questionable, Dondre Gilliam was signed to the active roster by the San Diego Chargers.
September 24, 2003

First Blood: Cuts Are In

The San Diego Chargers sifted through their roster and came up with the necessary cuts to trim the roster down to the allotted 65, plus NFL Europe roster exemptions. Some of the choices were no doubt tough, but such is the way of life in the NFL.
August 26, 2003

Dirty Dozen: Roster Cuts

Training camp consisted of 80+ players on the San Diego Chargers roster. With game three in the books, the team must trim their roster down to 65 players and NFLE roster exemptions Luke Butkus, Seth Burford and Scott Pospisil get a stay of execution. Twelve players must go and Saturday in Houston was the final day to make an impression. Sunday the Chargers were off, but management was hard at work figuring out who the twelve are that must go.
August 25, 2003

Chargers Camp: The Oklahoma Drill

<b>Oklahoma Drill:</b> Two mats are placed about three yards apart and a running back must run through the tiny space already occupied by one offensive player and one defensive player, who are pitted in a one-on-one drill and smacking pads with ferocity. The defensive player must try to shed the block and tackle the oncoming running back who is looking for the elusive open lane. <br><br> We have the details of almost every matchup on the day!
July 27, 2003

Trip to the Trenches – Offensive Line

Pining for more information on camp? We have your coverage. In a special edition over this weekend Jeff Sturgis takes a look at our offense and defensive lines as we head into training camp. Based on his first hand knowledge watching the team practice he is able to give us a side of things not seen before – with a promise of more to come in training camp…<br><br>
July 18, 2003