More moves in offing today for Lions

The final cuts are always bittersweet for a coaching staff. Lions' insider Mike Fowler takes a look at some of the hits and misses with this year's final cuts, and offers his analysis.
September 6, 2004

Pre-season Preview: Undrafted Free Agents

The life of an undrafted free agent is much different from that of a drafted rookie. No long term contract, no picture with the executives, and no guaranteed roster spot. And for these young prospects, that's all that matters -- a spot on the team. An in-depth look at each of the Lions' undrafted rookie free agents inside!
August 7, 2003

Tuesday Morning Blitz

Amazing what one freaking run test can do. For all the negativity that has swirled around one jumbo-sized Casey Hampton this past weekend, you would think he flat-out sucked. Hardly. All he did was suck wind. Truth is, Big Casey is no track star, unless of course, running over opposing lineman is now an Olympic event.
July 29, 2003

Tuesday Morning Blitz

Think you've got Steelers-on-the-brain? Along the side roads that surround our North Jersey home are any number of caution-yellow children-at-play signs. Emblazoned across their center is the flat-black silhouette of a sprinting child, at play, I presume. Of late, that black-on-gold image has had me awash in thoughts of Antwaan Randle El weaving through defenders, as our Jeep Liberty all but steers itself through the neighborhood. Oh, the kids are fine, by the way. So far.
July 22, 2003

Day Two Minicamp: Injury Bug Strikes

Lloyd Carr made an appearance at day two of the Lions minicamp, and left impressed. Meanwhile, the injury bug struck camp, leaving Luke Staley and possibly UDFA Chris Kern out a few days. Plus, comments from head coach Steve Mariucci on Carr's appearance, J.J. Stokes' release, and comments from Scotty Anderson on his return. More from Lions' insider Mike Fowler inside.
June 4, 2003