Heat Is On For Next Week's Draft

There have been a lot of changes in the Vikings war room over the last couple of years. After recent diminishing returns, the time has come for a solid draft -- which could mean sitting tight at No. 7.
April 18, 2003

Browns Re-Sign TE Steve Heiden

The Browns have locked up one of their unrestricted free agents, with the news from the team that Steve Heiden has signed a two-year deal with the Browns. The team also officially announced some deals that we've known about for a while, and snagged free agent safety Jason Moore off of waivers less than a day after he was cut by the 49ers.
February 10, 2003

Browns Sign DE Michael Boireau

Another interesting story has emerged this Saturday morning as the Browns sign yet another player from the CFL. The signing of <A HREF="http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=8&c=1&yr=2003&nid=614057">Michael Boireau</A>, a free agent pursued by six NFL clubs, tops today's newswire. Click on the title to learn more about Boireau, or go straight to the <A HREF="http://www.brownstng.com/browns/news/btng_newswire.asp">Daily Newswire</A>.
February 8, 2003

The Emerging Ones

In training camp, coaches believed they'd settle into a lineup after the Week 5 bye. It took a little longer than that, but a number of young players are really starting to emerge.
November 20, 2002

Michael Boireau Stats

A look at the DL's career stats
April 1, 2002

Thursday, Bloody Thursday

The Vikings have become accustomed to having late February roster purges in recent years and 2002 is no exception, as the Vikes released seven players to clear up salary cap room.
February 22, 2002

15 or 16? How Many Games Will It Be?

Vikings coach Dennis Green and owner Red McCombs have both stated they want to have the NFL play all 16 games -- even if it means less playoff teams. VU respectfully disagrees.
September 14, 2001